Five benefits of having your own ice rink

Outdoor ice rinks are a huge hit in North America – especially these last couple of years. For many, ourselves included, building a backyard ice rink is a family tradition.

Here are our top five benefits of building your own backyard ice rink:


  1. Workout in the winter.

One of the best things about summer is being able to get outside, stretch your legs, and enjoy the great weather. Living in North America, especially in the more northern parts, summertime is limited. Physical activity is great not only for your physical health but mental health as well.

Building your own ice pad in your back yard gives you easy access to work out even in the cold.

  1. Practice on your own time.

One of the pains of using a community ice rink is booking time for your skate. This was especially difficult in the 2020-2021 winter season when rinks were closed or had limitations to their use.

With your very own ice rink, you can skate when you want, for however long you want. There are no limits or restrictions.

  1. Your back yard is always open.

As you are familiar, most social activities have been very limited in the last year and a half. This has been challenging on everyone, especially aspiring hockey players who do not have access to their own rink to practice their skills.

Your backyard will never go into lockdown. You have the freedom to choose to practice or play whenever you want. Heck, you can even create a sense of community and invite some friends and neighbours over for a little skate.

  1. Rink Wizard’s ice rink kit is environmentally friendly.

At Rink Wizard, we take our environmental impact seriously. After all, your backyard is your playground. We strive to optimize our carbon footprint.

When creating this backyard ice rink kit, we wanted to consider the impact yearly use would have on your yard. Our design does not need a liner. Instead, the boards seal directly to your lawn, and the ice sits on your grass. In the springtime, when the ice pad melts, you do not have to worry about your grass being choked or killed by a liner, and the slow melt of the ice will hydrate your lawn.

Rink Wizard’s backyard ice rink is built to last for years, with no throwaway parts. Instead of using pressure-treated wood, that does not hold up well against hockey pucks, or ice skates, our boards are extremely durable, will last for years, and can be stored easily without taking up a lot of space.

  1. The benefits of ice skating.

We can’t list the benefits of having your own backyard ice rink without mentioning the great benefits you can get from ice skating. Anyone that has tried skating knows it is a skill that takes practice. Like swimming, ice skating is a whole-body workout.

Ice skating is great for your joint and muscle health, can help to improve your balance and coordination, and can help with stress management.


Nothing beats the convenience of being able to lace up your skates and having the ability to skate whenever you choose!

We hope you enjoyed our top benefits of having an ice rink. Checkout our easy to install Ice Rink Kit, and our Magic Ice Resurfacer to finish your rink with a glass-like surface!

Have any questions? Contact us at anytime.

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