Ice Rink Kit
Ice Rink Kit
Ice Rink Kit

Ice Rink Kit

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Product sizing:

1 kit = 12' x 16' (up to 216 sq. ft.)
2 kits = 24' x 32' (up to 768 sq. ft.)
3 kits = 36' x 54' (up to 1944 sq. ft.)
Sizing guide.


Product attributes:

  1. Easy to install! Stores flat during the warmer months.
  2. No liner! Increased temperatures under the ice provides a better environment for growth in the spring.
  3. Slap shot proof! Our boards are made of flexible and durable impact-resistant bulletproof glass.
  4. Customizable! All kits are compatible. Build your Rink Wizard any share or size.
  5. 3-year warranty**


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Rink Wizard’s Ice Rink Kit is the easiest backyard ice rink kit. Our rink boards sit flush to the ground, are incredibly durable, are easy to install, and the kit is easy to store during the warmer months. Our backyard ice rink also does not have a liner. We wanted to consider the impact that an ice rink would have on your grass. By removing the liner, you don’t have to worry about a dead patch of grass in the spring, or where you will have to dry and store the liner when not in use. Simply let the ice melt as the season warms up, take down the boards, and store them until next winter. 

Our boards are made of flexible and durable impact-resistant bulletproof glass, that can bend to be configured to any shape, can be laid flat for easy storage, and are incredibly durable – trust us. We had a fun time testing our ice rink with lots of hockey pucks. 

Another great feature about our backyard Ice Rink Kit is the multiple ways you can set up your rink. We wanted to give you a rink that you can customize to your backyard. Every kit comes with enough boards to create a 12' by 16' beginner rink.  

We realize that not everyone’s yard can accommodate a standard ice rink, and you can create any shape you choose, including a circle, oval, triangle, or any shape you can imagine. If you have enough space, you could even build your own ice-skating path! You also have the option to buy more than one kit to create a larger rink – for example, with 3 kits you can make a 36’ by 54’ rink. 

Our Ice Rink Kit comes in two different heights. The boards on the Warrior Series measures 16” high (41 cm) and is perfect if you are using your ice rink to play sports, such as hockey or ringette. 

The Dreamscape Series is a perfect fit if you will be using your ice rink for more leisurely activities such as free skating or figure skating, and measures 8” (20 cm) tall. 

Building your backyard ice rink is very easy with Rink Wizard. After you have planned your ice rink’s configuration, simply attach one ground spike to every board. Once this step is complete you can start installing the spikes in the ground. Push one spike into the ground (you may want to use a hammer for a little extra help). After you have installed your first spike and board, attach the next spike and board. Complete these steps until the last spike and board connect with the first one you installed, and you have completed the installation of your ice rink.  

For easy ice rink maintenance, check out our Magic Ice Resurfacer!

See how easy building your backyard ice rink can be! 

Rink Wizard’s Ice Rink Kit – another great product from 

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**This product comes with a 3-year warranty: Once installed properly, Rink Wizard’s ice rink kits are guaranteed against breakage while using the rink for any winter sports. Please note that scratches may appear on the boards after use, but this is considered wear and tear.

Ice Rink Kit
Ice Rink Kit