Rink Wizard Ice Rink Kit

When should I set up my rink? 

The ideal time to set up your rink is before the permafrost sets in. Because the spikes are inserted into the ground (approximately 8”), it will be easier to complete installation before the ground is frozen. Because our kit does not need a liner, you can set up your rink in the late fall, and keep it set up until the temperature drops and you are ready to flood your rink. 
However, if you miss this target, you can still install your boards once the frost sets in – just be prepared to use a little more manpower and work your muscles! 

How big can I make my rink?

This all depends on the amount of space you have to play with. A regulation hockey rink is 85’ by 200’ (25.9 m by 60.9 m). However, most of our customers build rinks between 24” by 32” (7.3 m by 9.75 m) and 36” by 54” (10.9 m by 16.5 m). Check out our size guide for more ideas on how you can set up your rink. 
You can always purchase an additional kit to add to your rink for next year. Some customers choose to buy some Warrior boards and combine them with Dreamscape boards, in order to have more height on the ends – this is especially helpful if you are mainly using your rink for hockey games. Because our rink does not require a liner, you don’t have to worry about the recurring cost to replace it year after year!  

My backyard is a weird shape. Do you have a rink to fit my space?

One of the best features about our rink is it is customizable. The boards can be placed in any shape you choose. If you are looking to build a small spot to practice shots, or you want to build a rink for curling, you can do it with our kit! If you have a tree in the middle of your yard, you can build a rink around it for a circular path. 
If you need assistance to plan your outdoor ice rink, or if you want to build a custom rink you did not see on our site, contact us – we are always excited to work with you to build the outdoor ice rink kit of your dreams! 

Are the rink board’s seams seamless?

Yes, they are - each board is connected with a spike in order to make a seamless finish inside your rink. The spikes ensure the boards connect together and secure your rink to the ground. Every hockey player knows that boards are a big part of the game, and we designed the boards so you can use them. You will enjoy hours of fun challenging yourself, shooting the puck around the rink with a smooth finish. 

Do I need to have a level surface to use these boards?

No! The beauty of the Rink Wizard outdoor ice rink kit is the leakproof boards are made of a virtually indestructible Polycarbonate compound (bullet proof glass) which will keep the water in and will level off itself.  We recommend purchasing the Warrior kit with 16” boards if you have a grade of more than 3” slope per 24” length or so can enjoy the full effect of the boards. 

My backyard has a steeper slope, can I still use the Rink Wizard kit in my yard?

Yes, you just need a good snowfall before you start. Shovel the snow onto the lowest level area of your backyard higher than the highest part. Proceed to flatten the snow with your snow shovel, until you have a smooth surface. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Once you have filled in the deepest area, you can start the process of making your ‘crust,’ and flooding your ice rink. See how easy it is to install and flood your rink.   

My home uses metered water, how much water will this require?

Our leak-free boards will greatly reduce the amount of water required compared to a traditional rink built with snow and wooden boards. When getting started, we recommend a 3–4-inch base of ice. As the season progresses, your ice pad should slowly get thicker with regular maintenance. In most cases, our backyard ice rink kit uses less than 50% water than traditional models. If you maintain your rink using the Magic Ice Resurfacer, which regulates the amount of water you use and distributes the water in an even and controlled pattern, you can save even more water and time maintaining your rink and spend more time skating!  

Do you offer a warranty on your products? 

Yes! Rink Wizard’s ice rink kits come with a 3-year warranty. Our boards are made with Polycarbonate plastic, which is as strong as bullet-proof glass! Once installed properly, you can use your boards to play hockey just like the boards at your local arena. We had A LOT of fun testing the durability of our boards with numerous slap shots, a sledgehammer, and even an axe! 
If you have any trouble with your boards, please contact us – our customer care team is happy to help you! 

Magic Ice Resurfacer

Do I need to purchase a special hose to use with the Magic Ice Resurfacer? 

You can use what you have now!  Our easy quick connectors can be used with any garden hose. 

How long will it take to maintain my ice with the Magic Ice Resurfacer?

We were tired of spending time trying to maintain our ice with a hose, and using a lot of water trying to get an even surface, which is why we created the Magic Ice Resurfacer. This 'homeboni' allows you to control the water flow, and applies water evenly and directly on your ice surface, for a glass like finish every time. For a 40' x 60' rink, it should only take you 15-20 minutes, so you can spend less time maintaining, and more time skating!

Do you have a question that you don't see an answer to here? Reach out to us at info@therinkwizard.com - we are happy to help you build the outdoor ice rink of your dreams!