About Us

Welcome to TheRinkWizard.com - the best backyard ice rink without a liner! 

My name is Pierre Desmarais, founder and inventor of all products brought to you by TheRinkWizard.com - a proud Canadian company.

Rink Wizard is inspired by my sister and her family. After years of building backyard ice rinks, using traditional materials like wood, tarp liners, lots of time, materials and tools, my sister and her husband asked me to create an easy to install and sustainable do-it-yourself back yard ice rink kit. She was tired of spending lots of money on materials that would only last a year, time building a new rink every year, and the consequences of choking her beautiful lawn every winter.

After shopping around for other ice rink kits, I struggled to find a kit to meet all their needs – so I invented one. 

Rink Wizard’s outdoor ice rink kit was created with fun in mind. Every rink can be installed by one person in less than an hour, with no liner! Easy storage is also a must – when not in use, the boards can easily be stacked and stored using minimal space. You won’t have to worry about drying, storing or replacing your liner, because with Rink Wizard, you don’t need one! The best part of no liner – the ice will melt right into your grass, giving you full use of your yard in the spring and summer months. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit TheRinkWizard.com. I am very excited to share this product with you, and I hope you enjoy your back yard ice rink as much as we do. 

Pierre Desmarais 


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