Innovation Engineering Group

Like many small companies, Rink Wizard is part of a slightly larger family – Innovation Engineering Group.

Since 2004, IEG has been designing creative new products with the end goal of improving our customers’ quality of life. Motivated by families and everyday solutions, the team is consistently focused on designing and developing new ideas and creations.

Pierre Desmarais, engineer, founder and inventor, started IEG because he saw a need to provide support for his special needs son at home and in school. He searched the market and could not find the items he was looking for to support his son and help him succeed. So, he started creating.

IEG has been bringing new and innovative products to the marketplace for over 17 years, specializing in providing protection to your floors and furniture at home. IEG also has a passion for improving education and has partnered with over 250,000 schools worldwide, providing quality materials for a great classroom experience.

Rink Wizard is the newest product line we are bringing to backyard’s everywhere, and we are very excited to share this great product with you!