Hose Reel

Hose Reel

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Rink Wizard Hose Reel back side  Rink Wizard Hose Reel side view

Rink Wizard’s new Hose Reel was created to make flooding and resurfacing your backyard ice rink even easier. 

The bracket of this Hose Reel was designed to be installed on a post, tree, wall or fence close to your rink to allow for easy flooding. Once you are finished using the hose, simply wind up the reel to drain the water out to prevent it from freezing and potentially damaging your hose. The reel easily lifts off the clip for storage in a shed or warm garage. 

This is a very convenient addition to your backyard, neighbourhood or community ice rinks, due to its easy use, drainage, transportation and storage. 

Made of durable polycarbonate, the 23” wide reel and mounting bracket can hold a hose up to 200 feet of a round garden hose, or 150 feet of a flat (fire) hose. 

As a bonus, our hose reel can also be used year-round to easily access and store your hose. 

How to use: 

Our Hose Reel is built different. Once the Hose Reel is secured on the clip, place the middle of the hose through the horizontal slot in the middle of the reel. This way you are winding up both ends of the hose at the same time, with the added bonus of draining any extra water that may be trapped in the hose. Using the handle just wind it up and you’re done. Roll and go! 


Width: 5” 
Length and Height: 23” 

See the Rink Wizard Hose Reel in action: